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1. Specific legal audits 


An organization seeking to obtain an independent audit report in the context of specific transactions may call upon Audit Conseil Services for the following services:

  •  Preparation of contribution in-kind valuation reports
  • Preparation of independent audit report in case of a change in the legal form or cross-border change in the legal seat of company;
  • Preparation of independent audit report in case of a merger, absorption, or other corporate transaction;
  • Appointment as auditor to the contractual liquidation of companies.


 2. Internal audit of financial companies

ACSe shall assist its client base, Banks and Professionals of the Financial Sector, with internal audits, either by supervising the company's internal audit team (training, preparation of internal audit plan and work plans, implementation of technological support, etc.) or by sub-contracting the entire internal audit function.


Also, ACSe is involved with internal audit trainings and seminars where sharing with participants of theoretical and on-the fields knowledge help enhance their skills in the area.


3. Statutory and legal audit


ACSe shall act as Independent Auditor ("Réviseur d'Entreprises Agréé") or Statutory Auditor    (Art 62 - "Commissaire aux Comptes") of annual accounts of companies, namely within the financial sector and private equity area. 

In both cases, ACSe would start from a detailed understanding of the company corporate goal and analysis of company financial statements. 

The signature of the partner in charge of the audit shall bind ACSe.

 4. Additional services


In line with its corporate objective to partner with its clients, ACSe is also conducting the below service engagements:

  • SOC 1, SAS 70, projects assistance or certification;
  • Expenses budgets certification;
  • Statement of expenditures certification;
  • Agreed-upon procedures report on financial information

5. Organizational consulting


The current business and regulatory environment requires companies to continuously adapt their organization to changing rules, business objectives and internal constraints. 

In such an economic turmoil, ACSe is accompanying companies with hands-on and value added involvement into change management. 

Our Services include risk management projects, coaching of teams/departments executives and employees, acting as change management projects facilitators as well as managing reorganization projects.

6. AML/CFT external report


In accordance with Article 49 of the RCSSF 12-02, an AML/CFT report from an external AML/CFT expert is required from all Luxembourg investment fund managers including registered AIFMs as well as from all self-managed Luxembourg investment funds supervised by the CSSF for AML/CFT purposes. Each entity that falls into the scope of such report must appoint their Réviseur d’Entreprises Agréé (if they are submitted to an annual audit of their annual accounts) or to specifically appoint a Réviseur d’Enterprises Agréé to act as their external AML/CFT expert.

Our services include the preparation and issuance of such report and includes :

- A section concerning the corroboration of answers given by the supervised entity in scope in the context of the CSSF annual AML/CFT online survey. For that section, we will review the latest AML/CFT online survey submitted on the eDesk platform by the supervised entity in scope and reply to a number of questions determined by the CSSF.

- A section dedicated to sample testing or specific work to be performed by us. The sample sizes are determined by the CSSF using a risk-based approach and is detailed in the CSSF AML/CFT external report.